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nothing. James "Kibo" Parry
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Kibo is the founder and leader of alt.religion.kibology, and easily the best source of "choke on your burrito" funny stuff for the group (as is only fitting). He is a close real-life associate of Matt McIrvin, and he is rumoured to have been several past net-legends, both famed and notorious.

Kibo's rise to fame began years ago, when the 'net was young. There were merely hundreds of UseNet groups, not the thousands we have today. Accordingly, there were far fewer people on the Internet then than now, and some got to be well known personalities. Kibo was one of them. He was funny, he had an easy to remember name, and he frequented many newsgroups at any given time, so he was easy to find. This set the stage for James "Kibo" Parry to become a celebrity.

Then, he did something which, for the time, was a colossal waste of time acheivement of computer science. He searched all of UseNet for any appearance of his name, and responded to each and every post. It must be understood that much of his posting was done in satire, and some people just couldn't take a joke. He repeated this searching - or "grepping," named for the Unix search tool he employed, and later to be called "Kibozing" - over and over again, also searching for K1bo and K!bo and Kib0, attempts to evade his ever-watchful eye. Kibo became known as the God of the Internet, "He who greps," the all-seeing deity of the electronic world.

Today, the Internet is a vast place, and many people out there, some of them newbies; some of them AOL or WebTV users, deprived of the experience of actually using a computer; some just plain old ignorant folks who don't understand the history of this vast body of information; who have never even heard of Kibo. Still, his name does carry on, and to this day, some still recite his name in the hopes of making their first Kibo sighting.

Some of Kibo's Posts

(by no means is this complete. Visit
kibo dot com to read the big ol' Best of 97 ARKive or see Kibo's shrine to himself)
Dracula 99999999999999999....
One of His many screenplays. One of these days we should start our own studio so he can be the next Ed Wood. Except I get to wear the dresses.
My IQ's Bigger Than Yours!
Just as soon as my self-esteem is getting too high, Kibo is there to save me.
The NEW Wedgietron 2000!
This is a truly amazing product. This is why I think Kibo is really Bill Gates in disguise. There can't be two people this brilliant and money-grubbing on the same continent.

Coming Soon... the Special Show!!1!

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